In Helmond, The Netherlands, senior who use a walker to get around, can apply for a special program. They can enroll for bright coloured rollators with wifi onboard. These slow walkers provide high speed wifi for the youth and helps the people of Helmond to connect not only to the internet but also with eachother.

TripAdvisor will now warn users about hotels where cases of sexual assault have been reported. The New York Times reports today that the badges will identify "health, safety, and discrimination issues in all of the website’s travel categories." These badges are only temporary, however, and last for a three-month period. Company spokesman Kevin Carter noted that if users continue to report incidents, the badge may stay live longer. “These badges are intended to be informative, not punitive," he told the paper.

Amazon just rolled out it's Prime service to customers in the Benelux. Although it was allready possible to order from, Prime was not available in the Neherlands yet. Today that all changed. Prime users get free delivery in 1 day and acces to Prime Video, Amazon's equivalent to Netflix. It is a move that most likely make a lot of local players nervous and shows that Amazon is ready to grow to new markets.

Canvas, the car subscription service from Ford is expanding beyond San Fransisco. Canvas let's you sign-up and basicly rent a car on a month to month basis. With prices between 400-500 dollar per month it's similar priced as more traditional lease construcitions, but it gives you a lot more flexibility.

Many people, particularly on the left, argue that the modern economy is increasing inequality. But,  as I have discussed before, important trends in innovation increase equality.  One example of these equalizers is the sharing economy.   The ideas of a law and economics theorist of the developing world show how this new economy  generates a greater return on the assets that people of modest means are most likely to own.

Bijna 4 jaar geleden richten we Iamb&b op. Een startup met idealen. Wij vonden dat Amsterdammers net zoveel recht hadden om mee te profiteren van de toenemende populariteit van de stad als de internationale hotelketens.
We vonden het ook zonde dat door vakanties, werk, nestverlaters of andere redenen veel super gewilde Amsterdamse woningen gedeeltelijk- of tijdelijk leeg staan.